Web Advocate, hacker, and open source enthusiast.

I’m Praveen, and I love to share with people how web technologies work. I’ve been active in Open Source for as long as I’ve been coding — I prefer learning in public.

With some friends, I am creating a learning platform Codú. I love giving talks about JavaScript ecosystem, React.js/Next.js, and programming in general.

Poke around and see what I’m up to. It’s all open source, so feel free to contribute.

Unveiling Connectivity: Introducing useNetworkStatus

Delve into the world of real-time connectivity with our third installment in the "Custom Hooks Deep Dive" series – featuring the versatile useNetworkStatus custom hook. This post introduces a seamless solution for monitoring and managing the online/offline status of your React applications

Introducing "Hooks Unleashed": A Deep Dive into Custom React Hooks

Dive into my blog series, "Hooks Unleashed", where we unravel the magic of custom React hooks. From local storage mastery to dynamic user interactions and real-time adaptability, discover practical applications and insights to streamline your React development and much more. Stay tuned for coding excellence!


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    Full Stack Intern
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    Backend Developer Intern
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    Rinnegan Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
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